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what exercises get rid of belly fat?


as i’ve said before, there’s no way to target weight loss

here, lemme re-direct you to a question that i’ve recently answered that’s very similar to your own. to sum up what i said, there really aren’t any specific exercises that are going to get rid of belly fat.

to deal with belly fat and expose your abs, you’ll have to lose fat all over. the easiest, most effective way to do so is by making adjustments to your diet, so eat right and create the calorie deficit that you need— but don’t starve yourself! likewise, do cardio regularly to burn calories, and don’t forget about strength training.

oftentimes, that belly fat is simply a result of being bloated. sometimes it can be reduced easier than you think! drink water and hydrate properly, and you’ll likely see a difference. (yes, you have to drink water to prevent water retention. sounds weird, right?)

i’m sorry it’s all so generic, but when it comes to dropping belly fat the healthy way, there really is no easy shortcut. it’s all about having a good, well-balanced diet (full with nutrient-packed foods that are low in calories) and working out. :)